Monday, February 18, 2008

How to Make an Ad

Step One:
Go to Picnik and create the picture for your button. You can import a photo and edit it by adding words. The photo can be you, it can be your logo, or it could even be two pictures, although for a button I would suggest just using one. After you are finished and you have it just the way you want it, go ahead and save it.

Step 2:
 Go to photobucket and upload the picture. There will be a box that says "share this image". You want to copy the html code line.

Step 3
Below is the HTML code for the Allied Moms button. Take that html code line and paste it into a blank word processor, like notepad. Replace with your URL(web page address). Now replace the photobucket code with your photobucket code that you copied earlier.

* Make sure you keep your html code and URL within the quotes.

Now you have an Ad "button"

Extra Tip: Make sure you make the button 125x125 when you are in Picnik before you save it and before you upload it to photobucket. Also, it is often best to use a logo you already have, or a word phrase instead of a detailed picture since it will not be very large-you want something that is attention grabbing and easy to read/understand.


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What You Need To Do

1. Comment on the most current post.
2. Spread the Word
3. Email us us the HTML code for your 125x125 Ad