Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being A Good Steward Over Your Business Through Managing The Money

We are thrilled to bring you a great guest blog post from Antonina Geer from our sister site Allied Women. Today's featured woman in business shares with us tips for taking control of your business finances. Check it out below...

As small business owners we have gifts and talents that we are fortunate enough to share with the world through entrepreneurship. In business we are able to authentically show who we are and what we have to offer, all in an effort to serve those who need and want our expertise. What a blessing and an honor it is to be able to serve, live your passion, and make money while doing it! However, this blessing comes with a great responsibility of good stewardship. By stewardship, I simply mean being the keeper or manager of your business (your unique gift). This comes with the charge of conducting your business in a manner that results in growth. The growth enables you to impact many lives with your blessing. One of the key components in growing your business and being a good steward is to manage the financials.

In working with women entrepreneurs, I’ve found that they’re wonderful at what they do, consistent at planning their businesses, and great in marketing their products and services. However, many avoid the money side of business or have financials that are all over the place. This may be due to intimidation, overwhelm, lack of confidence, or fear! It doesn’t have to be this way and with just minor adjustments in your operations, you’ll find that the financial side of your business is not so scary after all. In this post, it is my desire to eliminate the perceived difficulty and fear of finance, by providing five simple essentials to managing the financials. Although simple, they are very effective! These essentials will pave the way for good stewardship in your business!

1.) Organize Your Business Financials – staying organized and keeping good and accurate financial records make dealing with the financials and the tax season less stressful. The first step to organizing the financials is to have an accounting system or a spreadsheet program for tracking all transactions. Tips: determine an easy way for organizing your records, keep documentation of all financial transactions in one place, input (or hire someone to input) financial transactions into your accounting system or spreadsheet program, and always check for accuracy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Overcoming Self-Doubt

We are honored to have Renee Horaney as "Today's Featured Guest" over at Allied Women

Do you ever suffer from self-doubt? I have and I believe nearly everyone has at some point in their lives. The affects of self-doubt can range from hesitancy to devastation. Regardless of the severity of our self-doubt, it is always a result of wrong-thinking.
The way we think affects every aspect of our lives. When we are thinking positively, we attract positive things. When we are thinking negatively, we attract negative things to us. Self-doubt is the result of our negative thoughts.
The information we take in is vital to controlling our thoughts. Think about the music you listen to. What are the lyrics saying? Are they empowering?  How do you feel when you read a thriller novel? Feel like you can take on the world? Or do you double check to make sure the doors are all locked before bed?  Consider every time you watch the evening news. It’s filled with depressing stories that while necessary to a point, are depleting us of our positive energy.
Over time, if we do not control the messages we are receiving, they will control us. Continue Reading on Allied Women


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Allied Women Guest Post By Emily Stoik on "Purpose Driven Marketing"

Over at our sister site Allied Women we have a special guest post today from our dear friend Emily Stoik. The Subject she chose is just so close to our hearts we thought you would like to hear it too! Here is an excerpt...

Purpose Driven Marketing: How to Bring Purpose and Meaning into the Heart of Your Business

Is there a such thing as Purpose Driven Marketing? There is so much talk and information out there about two really big trends and concepts in business (and in life!):  the idea of brand marketing and the idea of living with and on purpose.  Both are very important.  When it comes to business, it is so important that you develop and define the brand for your company.  And additionally, it is so crucial to live and conduct yourself and your business in a way that is in line with your purpose and passion in life.  That you do everything in such a way that you aren’t doing it just to go through the motions but that you are truly acting with purpose and true intention in everything that you do.
But how do you bring these two important concepts together?



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