Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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What is your dream goal for your blog?



  1. My dream goal for my blog is to inspire others to seek God and His word more. That He will be glorified in everything I write!
    Big Fat Mama

  2. My Goal for my blog is to both share events and milestones in my family's life as well as to minister or inspire others by what God shares with and teaches me along the way.

  3. I created my blog as an outlet for me to have some 'creative time' and to catalog my favorite books. So hopefully I'll be able to finish that list and have all those reads and what I like about them in one place.

  4. My dream for my blog is to bring glory to God through sharing about our family. I want to encourage & inspire other moms like myself to raise up little ones for HIM!

  5. My dream goal for my help. I know how rough it can be financially. I understand because I have been there and God has helped me to see the ways HE can get our family through. Since doing couponing with God at the forefront, I have literally saved my family thousands of dollars...and even when the good times return financially, I will continue to save money like this and share. If I can even help ONE person get more groceries, better foods...and all at a fraction of the price...then I am doing what I believe God asked me to do!

    Jump aboard if you haven't already. And thank you Allied Mom's for a great connecting point!

  6. My goal for my blog is to be an encouragement to others. As I share I hope that I will point others to Christ and His Word. I do not have all the answers, but I know that God's Word does. I hope that as I develop my biblical worldview others will seek God's Word rather than worldly philosphies.

  7. My dream goal for my blog is that woman would be encouraged and strengthened in their walk with the Lord, and enjoy new levels of freedom in Him.

  8. My dream goal for my blog is to find joy, love & hope right in my own back yard and sharing it with myneighbors near and far

  9. My goal for my blog is to share some of what happens in our family and to give Glory to God for everything in our lives.

  10. What I want for my blog is to bring glory to God through my business and let God take care of my finances through it. I just lost my full time job about a month and a half ago but know that He is in control and He's got me where He wants me at and if that is at home with my kids, then that's where I will be.

  11. My dream goal for my blog is to give me a place to share the many blessings in my life, and to connect with others.


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