Sunday, July 11, 2010

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 What is your biggest life challenge right now?



  1. When I read the question for the day, I definitely knew my answer. My biggest challenge right now is that I'm studying for the Texas Bar Exam. The test is about 2 weeks away and I feel anything but prepared enough. Couple this with the fact that my little girl is 7 weeks old, and I've had a rough couple of months. Of course, my baby girl is AMAZING, but I just wish I didn't have this exam hanging over my head constantly...I study about 14 hours a day, but it hasn't been enough so far.

  2. My biggest challenge right now is that we are losing our home...being forced to short sale due to the terrible market and my husband being unemployed. We will be soon moving our family of 6 from a home we've known for 16 years. But we are trusting God. He is faithful.

  3. Our biggest challenge is digging out of debt - my husband was out of work for a year and we had to (unfortunately) rely on credit cards for quite a while. Now our mortgage is going up (our city taxes went up this year) and we will continue to struggle until we catch up on our debts.

  4. Hi Kari and Stephanie!

    I didn't see an e-mail address so I'll just let you know here that I was able to get a blog button done this weekend so I could give it to you! It's on my sidebar. How do I get it to you?

    Thank you so much for your patience and the opportunity to be a part of this exciting new site!

    Have a blessed week!

    In Christ,


  5. My biggest life challenge right now is dizziness. I have had it for a few years and had a few different diagnoses. Although it is better than it was, I still have it and it is difficult to be independent with things like driving and shopping. I am working on doing what is right regardless of how I feel (emotionally).

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  7. My biggest life challenge right now is getting my husband ready to leave me for two weeks! Aaagh!! He will be in Boston with our missions organization and I will be by my lonesome with my 19 month old! Not looking forward to it...

  8. OhMy! My biggest life challenge right now is trying to get my household under control. Everything seems chaotic lately! I know the kids are out of school for about another month, and I always have my daycare kids coming & going... but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day! Between house work, church & 'family' - OhMy, I am lost right now. Somehow I need to get order here again. *sigh*

  9. Right now, it's raising 3 girls with good solid morals and giving them the best opportunities to help them to succeed in the future.

  10. My biggest challenge right now is getting my house organized and chore systems working before we start homeschooling and add a newborn!

    BTW--I have your blog button on a page on my blog. I hope that's alright.

  11. Understanding what my role should entail according to my husband, who is an addict. It's not a typical addiction style and very difficult to analyze. This has been a struggle throughout our 12 years of marriage and it's not any easier today than it was back then. I believe my husband is saved but struggles greatly with spiritual warfare.

  12. My biggest challenge right now is raising our family & doing it all for HIS glory!

  13. Absolutely my biggest life challenge is being a good mom to my little man. It is so hard to fall victim to all the criticism moms endure (breast vs formula feeding, letting them cry it out or not, etc). It's even more difficult being a working mom and knowing I have people judging my decision to go back to work. It boils down to knowing that I am doing what is needed for my family right now and being okay with that.

  14. WIthout going into a lot of details, my biggest challenge lately has been some difficult family situations! Could really use some prayer!!

  15. Discovering God's will for our family right now...we have some opportunities set before us and we're praying for clarity and widsom.


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