Sunday, August 22, 2010

As a Blogger, do you do giveaways on your blog? Why or Why Not?


  1. I've done a couple of giveaways. I did a pretty good one (with products I bought myself) for my one-year anniversary. I don't want to make it a regular thing, because that is not the focus of my blog. But if something good comes my way, I may not want to pass up the opportunity to give it away!

  2. Due to an overabundance of vintage sewing patterns, I had one Giveaway on my blog. I do not plan another one anytime soon. I felt a little 'gimmicky' (is that even a word?) the week of my giveaway. When I was new to blogging, giveaways seemed like a neat concept; however, it now seems like a saturated idea. Blogs are flooded with giveaways! I stopped following a few blogs because the blog content seemed like one big commercial to me. Very good questions! Thanks and Happy Monday! :o)
    Larri at Seams Inspired

  3. I have had a couple giveaways. In fact, I just offered one of a product that I actually had purchased. I don't mind having giveaways, I certainly don't have them often. Giveaways just don't do well on my blog.

  4. I am not opposed to a good giveaway but I do not want my blog to be thought of as a giveaway blog. They sure are fun though!

  5. I don't normally do giveaways, although I am planning some for the week of my one year blogiversary next month.

  6. I haven't done any giveaways- I am fairly new to blogging & feel at times that giveaways can look like one is only trying to add numbers to their blog... & this is not my intention... but I am not opposed to doing giveaways in the future- of products that I truly support- for they are fun! :) I really like when I see blogs have you answer a question in order to win (instead of having to become a follower of all sorts of things)- that's just my preference though!
    Good question!

  7. I have done one giveaway and it was to promote my mother-in-law's new business. I will continue to do them for her should she want to do another one. I've thought of doing some fun ones just because, like tickets to the new Nanny McPhee movie or Eclipse when it comes out on DVD. I just want to offer my readers something fun as a thank you for visiting my blog.

    However, I don't think giveaways attract and keep new readers, unless your blog is 100% giveaway driven. From what I've observed, it rarely translates into a sale either. The reason is because there are many people out there who just like to enter. No problem there, I'm just sayin'.


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