Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do you think that there are cliques within

 the blogging community like in the real 

world? How does that make you feel?



  1. How ironic for you to pose this question. I was just talking to my sister about this topic! I'm still undecided about whether or not there are cliques. On some blogs, I have felt excluded. On most, I have not. I'm not so sure it's a clique or my own esteem issues. :o) Good question!

  2. I am kind of with the commenter above. I can't tell if it is really a clique or just me being silly:) So glad to find this blog:)

  3. If there are cliques, I ain't in one! (I really don't know...I'm new...are there??)

  4. I haven't heard of any. I do wonder why some bloggers where I leave comments don't seem to ever visit me or respond back. That is okay. They have their reasons and it is not my job to figure it out. I have made so many wonderful blog friends and am looking forward to even more.

  5. I believe that there are most definitely cliques in the world of blogging... at least in the circles in which I hang out.

    There's a particular clique of ladies who write in my niche, whom I have tried for months to "connect" with. They are friendly, but getting into their "inner circle" has proven to be an exercise in futility. It's really frustrating, because it's evident they are fun-loving, witty and wise Christian ladies, like many of my real-life friends, but apparently there aren't any vacancies at their Inn right now.

  6. I think there are some cliques, but I"m not totally sure though. Never was a cliqueish type. :D
    Visiting from iFellowship!

    Have a great day!

  7. I think there are definitely cliques in the blogger community. I, like Chrissy, have tried to connect with people who are part of these cliques and it just doesn't work!

    I find that this occurs most with "popular" bloggers. Ones that have several readers. Though, I have found one who is SO honest and awesome about getting back to you if you write to her. I LOVE that and hope to be that person forever.

  8. Yes! I actually just did a post on this last week ( It's amazing to me how ironic it is: Moms get into this to network and meet other moms, and then they turn it around into hostess-with-the-mostess mentality. SIgh. Guess we all have a little of junior high in us yet.

  9. I think the times I have thought, "yes", it was really my own insecurities and feelings of how blogging can become a competition for followers & comments - instead of the real reason we all started blogging in the first place.

    When I keep my end game in perspective (God's Glory) - I don't notice any cliques.

  10. I wish I could say no to this, but it is just my humble opinion that there are, based upon my experiences that are very similar to L's and Crissy's above.

    I have never been a person who liked cliques or was part of one, so it is hard for me to understand this mentality.

    We all have our favorites and that is okay. I have mine, but my personal conviction is that it is never okay to be rude to someone who reads and comments on my blog.

    If they do, then I will definitely visit with them from time to time and join their blog if there is nothing on their blog that goes against my convictions. (I actually have my blogger-victions listed on a page.) I think that this is a lot kinder then ignoring people!

    Having said all that to answer your question, I will say that this issue is becoming less and less important to me!

    I am keeping my eyes on Jesus and will keep offering encouragement, prayers and kindness with or without recompense because that is what Christ would have us do!

  11. circle of friends, or cliques.. I mean there are the crafter blogs, the devotional blogs.. the book blogs... oh the list goes on right? I do think there is, but I think some of it is how we just "click" with others!

    Great blog, my first visit here and it's so lovely!

  12. Oh, I am sure there are cliques, but I'm not all that aware of them so that helps. :) I wonder if some of those more "popular" bloggers just don't have the time to respond to everyone... I'm not sure.

  13. I do believe there are some cliques. I have tried to enter into certain communities through visiting and comment, and never anything in return. However, I have to keep my focus and purpose in front of me. I am not in this to be popular. I am in it to bring glory to the Lord. I love my followers and I love to follow. So overall the clickiness doesn't really bother me.

  14. There are, but not like a clique would be in the real world with personal contact with each other. Cliques online come in the form (at least I think this) of how much you know, how cute your blog is, how many followers you have, etc. Honestly, I don't give a hoot - I just want to help people and connect with like-minded women. My only gripe is the blog hops where everyone expects you to follow them back even if you don't care for the content of their blog - and they take is as offensive if you don't...why I am not a big fan of many blog hops. But hey, life line does have some good parts...people who may be on the outside socially ma hence y find "ins" blogging, and may grow socially in the real world because of it. Either way, cliques online are not as bad as they are in the real world. But that is my experience...I may change my mind some day! :-P

  15. Of course there are cliques in bloggyland. That's just life. People connect with similar people and it's always more difficult to connect to people who are "different" than you. It's the same in real life.

    The awesome thing about blogging though, is you to get to read and connect with people who are completely different than who you typically associate yourself with in real life.

    I agree with the above comment. I participate in many blog hops, but only follow the blogs whose content appeals to me. My reader is already so full there is no room for blogs I don't enjoy! That being said, I do LOVE getting new followers, but I want them to follow because they find something interesting about my blog, not because they feel obligated. I have this disclainer at the top of my blog.


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