Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moms are seriously busy! We do so much in our day! I am sure we can all rattle off huge lists of daily activities. What do you do to manage your time wisely? What is your biggest challenge with time management? Be specific, let's help each other figure this out!



  1. The best thing for time management that I have found is putting Him first. I also keep a large calendar where I can schedule everything in. My biggest distraction is the computer. I have been spending lots of time on it since we are on summer break, but once school starts (homeschool) I will have to have a set time for it.

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  3. I, too, have found that putting God FIRST helps everything else fall into place. But really I have a lot of schedules/charts that I keep (made when I was pregnant with my newest baby & up for hours in the middle of the night)... I do certain things on certain days at certain times & that works for me! My biggest challenge with time is when things CHANGE!!! (Like, when we will start homeschooling again for the year... then I have to rethink everything & pray about how everything can fit!)

  4. I don't have young children to schedule around. My son is 19 and really is self sufficient (not financially yet however lol) But I have to manage MY time closely. It can get challenging. I not only run our household... do all the shopping, pay all the bills, cooking, etc. I also am a college student. I have to time-manage assignment due dates and exam dates to be prepared. There is a lot of coordination for me domestically and academically. I use cell phone and Outlook reminders daily! =)

  5. I start and end every day in prayer. The rest of my life is chaotic at the moment..but usually I am quite good at time management. I am a writer so I write 1 hour every morning and 1 hour every night.
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  7. Putting God first is a must in my life. With four children, a full time job and ministry, it's hard to stay a float most days. I have to listen to the Holy Spirit and be willing to give things up to spend time with my Heavenly Father.

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  9. My biggest time-management challenge, is remembering that it is okay to say "no." :) I'd love to be involved in everything, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. But, I am learning that sometimes I have to say "no" (even to good things!) so that I can focus on even better ones. :)

    As far as what I do to manage my time (and keep myself sane!)...The best thing I have done is to get up early. It gives me uninterrupted time in the Word before the day gets going. It also allows me to look/pray over the day's to-do list. We also keep a daily/weekly schedule is flexible, but sticking to it as closely as possible helps us stay on track. :)


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