Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Can We at Allied Moms Encourage You as You Build Your Blogs and Businesses Online?


  1. By coming by for my first giveaway this week :)

  2. I don't even know if this is do-able because I don't even know how you would go about setting it up...
    I am trying to find small businesses and bloggers who sale products by contacting them from Etsy and Open Sky to advertise on my site. It's almost like I'm spamming because for many of them the only thing we have in common is blogging.
    If there are bloggers here at Allied Moms who want to advertise on other sites maybe you could be the "middleman" in connecting them with blogs like mine who accept paid advertising spots on our blogs? So like, maybe a tab section with the businesses/bloggers who are looking to advertise. Then bloggers like me could contact them to see if they could be interested in MY site... then we would have something more in common than simply blogging. It wouldn't be like spam because we both would be part of Allied Moms.
    Does that make since? I hope I am not rambling too much.
    Like I said, I don't even know how you would get that set up! :)

  3. Ditto on what Mandi said. I'd like to feature a few advertisers on my blog as well.

    As far as encouraging bloggers, I'm really discouraged right now. What does everyone do when they are facing burn out? I've been blogging for almost a year (this month) at my blog and though I have met many of my goals, I also have goals to monetize and I've just not seen that happen. It's too the point that I'm wondering how I should continue. I went to the Savvy Blogging Summit in July and I was so encouraged by that. I think it's time to pull out my notes and listen to the recordings again because it really would be great to hear from someone that understands what I'm trying to do. I don't have any IRL friends near me that blog so I don't feel that I have anyone to talk to face to face. It would be great to arrange a meet up by region or various locations if there was enough interest. Also, how about a Twitter party or something similar where those that are serious about having a blog business could connect and do some networking?

    Great question! I'm eager to see the thoughts that others share.

  4. I would like to know more about how to go about getting a sponsor or two for my blog. Do I have to have a certain number of followers?

  5. I love the idea of a connection between bloggers and advertisers... advertisers that offer products we can be proud to feature on our blogs:)


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