Friday, September 24, 2010

Faith Friday!

It's Faith Friday! 
Today we are talking about marriage, and date nights. How important is to for you to have a date night with your hubby? Do you do it on a regular basis or is it something that gets forgotten? 

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work..." Ecc. 4:9

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  1. Friday nights are date nights! It's really important to us, it gives us intentional quality time(and it's fun!)It is easier now that our kids are older, and we don't need a sitter, it was less frequent when they were small, we just did things at home instead of going out.

  2. Well, reliable sitters are few and far between and cost money, so date night doesn't happen much in the traditional form. However, we do try to at least once a week, after the kids are in bed, go to bed early and watch a show we both enjoy and enjoy just being together:)

  3. Um...yes date nights have been forgotten. Need to make more of an effort to start them up again.

  4. We try to spend time in the evening together, and one "babysitter" date night a month.....although it definitely isn't as consistent as we'd like! Definitely SO important though!

  5. I would LOVE a date night... but we seldom get time alone, much less time to go out. :( Maybe we should try to make it a priority... like say, two nights each month as our date night. No kids. No phones. Just the two of us. Ohh I really like the sound of that. One on one time with hubby, without the demands of parenting; it would really do us some good to focus on us as a couple rather than all the emphasis being on us the parents. Hmmm....

  6. Date nights for us don't always mean going out, or spending money. Our daughter goes to bed early, so we try to make our time in the evening together special. We'll make some coffee or tea, and have dessert (nothing too fancy usually), and just take some uninterrupted time to talk...about whatever - life, what we are learning, hopes or plans. For us, "date" night just means making time for each other. It has never (even before we were married) meant spending lots of money, or doing something fancy. We do go out on occasion for dinner, or coffee, but we have found that we enjoy the time together regardless of where we are. :)

  7. Babysitters are incredibly hard to find! If you babysit, I'm open to offers! : ) I'm blessed to have my parents who live about 15 minutes away and they watch our kids for us once a week and let us, as my mom says, "Run away and do something crazy!" My husband and I always laugh at that because we usually end up at the grocery store or hardware store after a nice quiet dinner. Living on the edge, I know! But as silly and simple as it sounds, its just nice to get to be with one another uninterupted to say, "Hey, I love you more today, than the day I said I do." Something we're trying to do now is finding time to when there's quiet to tell eachother what we appreciate from eachother. And I'm a big time believer now that date night totally can happen at home! We actually prefer movies at home now rather than out! : )

  8. We just started having date nights in (at home!! when our kids are either sleeping or playing quietly in their rooms) & we love it! Every Friday we have this time together. Tonight, my wonderful husband brought flowers & cooked the meal & everything!! :) This time has been such a blessing to us!

  9. Date nights are few and far between. Getting a babysitter isn't the problem since our kids are older. But because we have four of them at home, we can't stay here and have time alone. And going out isn't an option due to finances. Someday!

  10. We talk about going out on a date all the time. It rarely happens, though, since he works day and night.

    Kate (


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