Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Are YOU learning?

What are you currently learning in your personal or group Bible study?



  1. I am studying Proverbs, seeking wisdom from God's Word.

  2. That sounds so interesting, Can you tell us more Theresa? What are you learning from it. How is it impacting your life? or How are you applying what you are learning on a daily basis?


  3. I am currently doing the updated version of Beth Moore's "Breaking Free." When I started it, I wasn't really sure it was apply, as I didn't really feel that I had anything to break free from... boy was I BLINDED by the enemy. Love it, great study, very eye opening...

  4. Oh Faith, I have always wanted to do her Breaking free study. I have done nearly every other Beth Moore study, but never breaking free. I am glad you are liking it. I hear so many women tell me the same thing. I am currently doing her study on Revelation with my womens bible study group. I just love the insight she is bringing.


  5. I'm learning about how much God cares for the orphans, the poor, the sick, the oppressed, and widows.

  6. I have just started journaling again, while I read my Bible. I write down what is on my heart in the beginning, and then as I am reading, I write verses that jump out at me, or my thoughts from them. Right now I'm finishing up Psalms. Reading this way helps me get SO MUCH more out of the Bible, I look forward to it more than just wanting to check it off my list. I've grown a lot the past several weeks, just taking time to "be still and know" that He is God.

  7. I'm studying biblical womanhood and hospitality.

  8. Sorry Kari, I just saw your question now. I read whatever Proverb corresponds with the date. So today it was Proverbs 21. I also read Proverbs 31 each day to be reminded of what it means to be an excellent wife. There is just so much packed in the Proverbs! I have been reminded about having control over our words and how it is better to dwell on the rooftop than with an angry woman!

  9. I just finished studying Ruth - by Kelly Minter. It was AWESOME!!!

    What I learned: great things happen by gleaning!

    Gleaning was the process of picking up the left-overs.
    I thought about how gleaning is much like being a Mom. We pick up the same toys every day. We pick up the same dirty clothes.

    We never once heard Ruth complain. And as a result the Lord allowed her to be noticed by Boaz and eventually she became the great grandmother to King David and is in the lineage of Christ!

    Perhaps, I should be happy in my "gleaning".

    I just love the questions you ladies ask! This is truly one of my most favorite places to visit and hang out!

    Have a great Wednesday!


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