Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Are You?

Who are you? Why did you come online? Do you love to write and are you working towards building a following and monetizing your blog? Have you created a product that you sell on and offline and you want to gain exposure and ideas at how to be more productive with your time as you market? Do you have a dream or vision of where you want your business in marketing products, opportunity or information to go?

Then Allied Moms is for you. We are so glad your here. We want to get to know you, be resource for you and a place where you can get exposure for your business online.

Why don't you introduce yourself in the comment section of this post and then follow our instructions for entering to win free ad space.

We look forward to allying with you!



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  2. I am a daughter of God, wife, mother of two, and a business and life strategist (licensed MFT and business coach). I love to help people find their special niche in life and work - particularly helping women discover how they can combine their God-given gifts, personality type, passion with a market demand to create the business of their dreams. One of the challenges I am continually faced with is learning all the technological aspects of online marketing because my gift is to connect with people and help people connect with their life purpose. I look forward to joining in the conversations here on this beautiful blog.

  3. Hi! There are two of us here. We are hoping for everything you mentioned in the original post. Our product is knowledge and we want to share it with women: young, old and somewhere-in-between. We want to talk about a subject somewhat taboo in the Christian world. What sets us apart from everyone else is our belief in God and the sacredness of the subject. We are excited for Allied Moms because we think it will help us so much! Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. Hi. My name is Barbie. Mostly, I am a wife, mom to four, and work full time. Juggling life can get complicated at times. I love blogging! My desire to bring hope and encouragement to other woman as I blog. I recently set up an Etsy store selling my inspirational art! Thankful for this website.


We are so glad your here to be an Allied Mom. We love it when you join in the conversation by leaving a comment, and it also makes you eligible to win free ad space for a month. Thanks for stopping by and Allying with us and other moms as we build our businesses and our blogs.

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