Friday, June 24, 2011

Overcoming Self-Doubt

We are honored to have Renee Horaney as "Today's Featured Guest" over at Allied Women

Do you ever suffer from self-doubt? I have and I believe nearly everyone has at some point in their lives. The affects of self-doubt can range from hesitancy to devastation. Regardless of the severity of our self-doubt, it is always a result of wrong-thinking.
The way we think affects every aspect of our lives. When we are thinking positively, we attract positive things. When we are thinking negatively, we attract negative things to us. Self-doubt is the result of our negative thoughts.
The information we take in is vital to controlling our thoughts. Think about the music you listen to. What are the lyrics saying? Are they empowering?  How do you feel when you read a thriller novel? Feel like you can take on the world? Or do you double check to make sure the doors are all locked before bed?  Consider every time you watch the evening news. It’s filled with depressing stories that while necessary to a point, are depleting us of our positive energy.
Over time, if we do not control the messages we are receiving, they will control us. Continue Reading on Allied Women


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  1. I really resonate with this post. I try to read books that contribute to positive personal and professional growth. We also monitor our relationships with friends and what we watch on TV.


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