Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you ever feel like you have the problem where you are putting out great content, but nobody is reading it?  How do you listen to your niche so you know what topics to blog about and what problems to help them solve? Share your ideas!



  1. I don't really think about the topics other than there are things I am learning or studying. I figure if I am learning something or being reminded of it, someone else may benefit from it too.

  2. That is exactly where I am Theresa. Topics that I have learned and studied through or am currently working on get posted. I do frequently ask for feedback, of course, but we all know comments are sometimes hard to come by:) I do love when I get them though!

  3. Great question!
    First - I'm being obedient to the Lord and posting about what He's teaching me.

    Second - I quickly got WAY to addicted to comments and follows and quickly noticed I would get my feelings hurt if no one commented.

    Third - then God reminded me why I was doing this - "do all we can so that He might save some".

    Now I have the total opposite view - I want to be the encourager - even if I never get another comment. I want to encourage others. I know that God's Word will not return void.

    ps- I do still check stats, comments, and follows - I just don't let them dictate my mood anymore! LOL!

  4. I'm with Penny. It's good to listen to those in your niche. But, if I only write things to get followers or comments, when they don't come I'll get down. (Not that I don't post things to get more traffic. My weekly blog tips aren't just to help people out but are a way to gain more traffic). As long as I am putting on good content then that should be all that matters. Plus, I think there are a lot more people that read our blogs than we think... they just "lurk" and never make themselves known!

  5. The commonality of being Moms is powerful! That is what I have most in common with my readers. Its what I'm living everyday and its what inspires me to grow and get better at what I do.

    Trying to be something that I am not just to get more readers or comments will eventually end with others seeing the lack of authenticity. It will only go so far that way.

    I pray that I am encouraging, honest and bring a smile to moms crazy lives. I love that through my blog I can find a balance to reach moms that do not know Christ and also those that do. I do know that presenting topics that are fresh and authentic will always get a head turned somewhere. It just may be a silent head turn and that's okay!

  6. I have been there with wanting to put out good content & hoping that I am, but feeling discouraged if it seemed nobody was reading... but then I too really stopped & prayed about it. I asked God to give me the content (not my niche- although their questions & comments are often ways I think God uses to "show" me what to write about) & the readers HE desires to be there. I find it interesting that the posts I get the most comments on are often not the ones that I am most passionate about... in fact those are the ones that often get the fewest comments- but I desire to write for God's glory!!

  7. Hear hear! My feelings do get hurt when no one comments (I'm working on that, though) and am I mystified by how one day I'll get 30 hits and the next day 3. Blogging is such a strange shift of reality.

    I'm trying to redefine my expectations and in that, remember that it's really about God, not me, and the work I can do through Him and for Him.

    Kate (www.deliciousaspie.blogspot.com)

  8. Definitely just feel like I am blogging for myself which is great some days but it's nice to get some comment love as well!

  9. I've never had someone ask me to blog about a certain topic (unless I was guest posting). I listen to the Holy Spirit and blog about my journey in Christ. It's all for His glory!


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