Friday, September 17, 2010

Faith Friday!

This is the start of Faith Friday. Every Friday here at Allied Moms we will be asking questions about faith. 

So today the topic is Quality verses Quantity when talking about your quiet time. As moms we have a lot going on and it is important to have quality time with Jesus every day. So, how do you do it? How do you take what your learning and apply it to your every day life, what steps do you take that allow what God is saying to you to take root in your heart?  

Do you journal?
Do you listen praise music?
Do read commentaries, or theology books?
Do you have certain blogs you read?
Do you have a favorite author?

Give us your ideas, and have a beautiful weekend!



  1. I get up early…usually around 5 in order to have some uninterrupted time in the Word and prayer before everyone is up and other things demand my time and attention. I am so NOT a morning person, so this isn’t easy, but I have found that it is necessary. I have also found it helpful to recognize that *study* is something that is done in addition to my personal devotions or “quiet time”. Study demands more time and attention. My quiet time is a chance to purposefully read through God’s Word and meditate on it, and prayerfully seek application. Often I do utilize other authors to supplement, for encouragement, or further explanation of a text or specific topic. My current favorites include J.C. Ryle, Elisabeth Elliot, John MacArthur, Valley of Vision (a collection of prayers, which can be a great springboard for my own prayers), and many of the Puritans (Puritan Paperbacks). (Sometimes my devotional reading does complement or coincide with the passages I am studying, but not always.) I also believe that it is necessary to have a plan for daily devotional reading. Without a plan I often find myself floundering, and returning to a few “favorite” passages, rather than taking in the whole counsel of God – all of which is necessary and profitable. It is essential even for devotional reading, to read through the whole of Scripture. I have found several “read through the Bible” schedules helpful – anything from a year, to 90 days, Genesis to Revelation, or chronologically. I also like to journal…I record the date, the verse or passage, and the principle or application. I also include quotes from books I am reading that the Spirit has used to impact or convict me. Sometimes I use a pen and paper, other times I record these thoughts, verses, or quotes on my blog, in hopes that they will encourage others as well. In our home, we often have music playing throughout the day…hymns, praise & worship, or Scripture set to music: Sovereign Grace is one of my favorites for praise and worship; John MacArthur and Joni Eareckson Tada have recorded several CDs of hymns, and each one comes with a book with the historical and theological background to the hymns; and Seeds Family Worship and the Sons of Korah have a great collection of Scripture set to music. You will hear one, or all of these playing in our home all day. Another way to keep the Truth of Scripture constantly before us, even in the busiest times, is to utilize an audio Bible. It is great for the car, or while doing household chores, or preparing a meal.

  2. I get up before everyone to read my bible and pray. I love reading Christian books. Some of my favorite authors are Elizabeth George and Martha Peace. As far as theological books I love "Trusting God" by Jerry Bridges. It is falling apart from reading it so much. I am also studying "The Self Confrontational Manual" which is really good and heavy. I have a wonderful older, wiser Christian woman who is discipling me. She truly is that Titus 2 woman to me. And by the way...we have never met in person ...yet. I have always wanted an older woman to help me be the woman God created me to be. I sing hymns throughout the day. It helps to replace things that I may be thinking that are not true. I replace them with God's truth.

  3. Okay, so I struggle with this... at different seasons in my life it has been no problem to find that "quiet time" by getting up early. The problem I run in to right now is that sometimes, no matter HOW early I get up, a little one get's up shortly thereafter. I have learned to stay in pretty much constant prayer, and to seize opportunities throughout the day. I cherish the mornings I get that deep down and dirty time with God, but on the days it doesn't happen, I look for other "moments." It may be a devotional I am e-mailed daily, it may be a blog post, or it may be some study time during my lunch hour. The season will come when I will no longer have a little one to wake up early with me, and I am sure I will miss it then. Until then, I have to get creative sometimes:)

  4. I do struggle with finding consistent quiet time. My church has a House of Prayer and I am fortunate to visit there almost daily for my quiet time. I do journal, and and love to worship in His presence and paint revelations that He gives to me. I try and constantly stay in an attitude of prayer, praying without ceasing, and not focus so much on trying to read large portions of scripture, but rather picking out even just a verse and meditating on it for a week or two, asking the Lord for deeper revelation.

  5. Oh to have a place of "Zen" in my home! What I'd give to be able to escape and just hear what i need to hear when i need it most. But, I don't have this. With 3 kids ages 4 and under, I too struggle with the whole getting up early and having that quiet time. I promise my kids have little sensors built into them that let them know when mom wakes up! Or, i treasure that sleep when i can get it. So, I've found that through lyrics in music, I am most taught about my God in this phase of life. I can hear a song and be able to learn the lyrics quickly only to find myself singing it in my head and being amazed at the promises of God in the songs. Great reminders. And artists can really whip out some lines that are truely how I feel, but just can't articulate it. Blogging is another way of "writing" out whats on my heart and waiting for God to speak back. And it may sound crazy, but sometimes my children can be the very reminder of something I need to learn. I've been practicing with them the definiton of Patience lately. "Waiting for something you really want now for later." Its everything i need to hear in this phase of my life. I too turn to my favorite authors of parenting when I am struggling. is a huge help to me!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  6. I do a few different things... first, I wake in the morning before all of our kids & spend time in the Word & praying. I love this start to my day! :) Throughout the day, I try to take quick moments throughout the day with God... reading a verse here & there & praying throughout my day. At night, I use a prayer journal, & then I am almost always ready to fall asleep as I'm reading my Bible- I know some may think it's a bad thing to fall asleep while reading God's Word, but I can't think of a better way to fall asleep! :)
    Have a great weekend!


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