Monday, March 28, 2011

Single Is ~ Living Happily Ever After... Right Now! ~ With Shontaye Hawkins

Allied Moms is excited to introduce you to one of our featured Women in Business Shontaye Hawkins! Shontaye is the Founder of Single Is, the premier community for empowered single women online who want to live Happily Ever After... Right Now!

The journey to Create Single Is began when a man asked Shontaye if she was happy after telling him she was single on Valentines Day. Realizing the stereotypes and assumptions the world makes toward single women, Shontaye began searching for a way to bring single women together to encourage and empower them  to live their best life NOW.

Shontaye is a successful, confident, joyful, independent, and successful woman. She has brought her business knowledge and experience, powered by her dream for single women, to create a community where being single is celebrated and uplifted.

She exemplifies the characteristics of the complete woman. Not letting anything in life slow her down, Shontaye ran her first 5k in June 2010, her first half marathon in Dec 2010 and will be running her second half marathon in April 2011. She shows us by example that being true to who God made you to be, and not waiting for life to begin with a relationship, is the right path for all women single or married.

Thank you Shontaye for being such an amazing example to all of us women in business! You are truly a woman to follow!

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Shontaye Hawkins is a woman used to breaking through social and cultural norms.  From an early age she excelled in math and followed that path into a successful career in finance.  Strong, successful and determined.  Those are just a few of the words that have been used to describe her.

 As a strong, successful and independent single woman, Shontaye hopes to reinvent what it means to be 'single and loving it' for all single women.  She motivates and inspires others to embrace being single and choose to live happily ever after right now, at this very moment and not a second later.  With that philosophy in mind Shontaye founded Single is... This online community was designed to support and encourage single women who want to begin living a life full of appreciation and love for themselves. 

Shontaye believes that being single does not define a person and plans to use her natural leadership abilities to  inspire others to live happily ever after right now!  Learn more about Shontaye and her mission at

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