Sunday, March 6, 2011

Women in Business Online. Love it.

A passion of ours here at Allied Moms is to help the mom and women entrepreneur succeed online. It is exciting to see all of the ladies who have been emailing us their html ad's and I encourage you to check out the great women owned businesses that we have advertised on Allied Moms.

We want to know what as a women in business intimidates you most about bringing your business online?

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  1. I am most intimidated by the fact that I do not have a degree in the field that I am trying to create a business degree is in education and I am trying to create a business based around health!!! :)

  2. Just posted your button on my blog!!! Now if I can just figure out how to make my ad....LOL!!!!!

  3. What intimidated me most about bringing my Tupperware Business online was competition. However I have found there is room for all of us, and that most people are not taking advantage of all the "cyber world" has to offer!

  4. What intimidates me most is marketing and sales as I feel like I don't have a background in this. I'm finding ways now to see how I actually DID market/sell myself in the career I had before I became a coach. I would prefer my time be spent with clients but it's a chicken 'n egg scenario. So I get to develop new strengths...yay?!

  5. Actually, nothing intimidates me about doing business online. I absolutely love it!

  6. I was most intimidated by the sheer number of competition--how would I stand out? However, I have made myself a student of SEO, and Internet Marketing Strategies, that coupled with my love of making personal connections has lessened my fear!


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